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Agostino Occhicone

Affiliated Researcher
Nanotechnologies for Neurosciences
Research center
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Pileri T., Sinibaldi A., Occhicone A., Danz N., Giordani E., Allegretti M., Sonntag F., Munzert P., Giacomini P., Michelotti F.
Direct competitive assay for HER2 detection in human plasma using Bloch surface wave-based biosensors
Analytical Biochemistry, vol. 684
Occhicone A., Sinibaldi A., Chiappetta D., Di Matteo P., Pileri T., Danz N., Sonntag F., Munzert P., Allegretti M., De Pascale V., Mandoj C., Michelotti F.
Detection of anti-SARS CoV-2 antibodies in human serum by means of Bloch surface waves on 1D photonic crystal biochips
Biosensors and Bioelectronics: X, vol. 15
Article Journal
Sinibaldi A., Allegretti M., Danz N., Giordani E., Munzert P., Occhicone A., Giacomini P., Michelotti F.
Direct Competitive Assay for ERBB2 Detection in Breast Cancer Cell Lysates Using 1-D Photonic Crystals-Based Biochips
IEEE Sensors Letters, vol. 7, (no. 8)
Occhicone A., Michelotti F., Rosa P., Chiappetta D., Pileri T., Del Porto P., Danz N., Munzert P., Pignataro G., Sinibaldi A.
Enhanced fluorescence detection of miRNA by means of Bloch surface wave-based biochips
The Analyst, vol. 148, (no. 18), pp. 4429-4437
Article Journal
Pileri T., Sinibaldi A., Danz N., Pignataro G., Munzert P., Occhicone A., Sonntag F., Michelotti F.
Enhanced fluorescence detection of miRNAs using one-dimensional photonic crystal-based biochips
Progress in Biomedical Optics and Imaging - Proceedings of SPIE, vol. 11979