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Cidonio G., Costantini M., Pierini F., Scognamiglio C., Agarwal T., Barbetta A.
3D Printing of Biphasic Inks: Beyond Single-Scale Architectural Control
Journal of Materials Chemistry C
Review Journal
Marcotulli M., Tirelli M. C., Volpi M., Jaroszewicz J., Scognamiglio C., Kasprzycki P., Karnowski K., Swieszkowski W., Ruocco G., Costantini M., Cidonio G., Barbetta A.
Microfluidic 3D Printing of Emulsion Ink for Engineering Porous Functionally Graded Materials
Advanced Materials Technologies
Iafrate L., Benedetti M.C., Donsante S., Rosa A., Corsi A., Oreffo O.C.R., Riminucci M., Ruocco G., Scognamiglio C., and Cidonio G.
Modelling skeletal pain harnessing tissue engineering
In vitro models
Scognamiglio C., Soloperto A., Ruocco G., Cidonio G.
Bioprinting cells: building physiological tissues one cell at a time
American Journal of Physiology - Cell Physiology
Silvani G., Scognamiglio C., Caprini D., Marino L., Chinappi M., Kiani M. F., Sinibaldi G., Peruzzi G., Casciola C. M.
Reversible USMB-induced junctional opening in an artificial endothelial layer
Scognamiglio C., Magaletti F., Izmaylov Y., Gallo M., Casciola C.M., Noblin X.
The detailed acoustic signature of a micro-confined cavitation bubble
Soft Matter
De Luca R., Silvani G., Scognamiglio C., Sinibaldi G., Peruzzi G., Chinappi M., Kiani M.F., Casciola C. M.
Towards cavitation-enahnced permeability in blood vessel on a chip
AIP Conference Proceedings, vol. 1873